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A road is more than a narrow strip of asphalt.  A road is a pathway to a destination; it is an avenue into the future.  Life is a journey and the quality of our roads can make that journey either more or less pleasant.

Since 1979 Cecil Key Paving, Inc. has been serving the people of North Georgia by providing smooth, safe roads for their travels.

Founded by Cecil Key and currently operated by Kent and Christy Bookout, the company has continuously served our community for almost 40 years, focusing on the cornerstone principles of quality, integrity and value.

We provide asphalt paving services for roads and parking lots throughout the northern portion of Georgia – from South Carolina to Alabama, from Tennessee to Macon (and occasionally even farther).

Our personnel are well trained and knowledgeable at their craft.  Combined with our focus on providing headache-free paving solutions to our customers, the result is a superior finished product … a better journey for our friends and neighbors.  Our experience is Key to improving your experience.



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